Green is primarily recognized as a midrange colour with options that either become better as the game progresses, or that cost a large amount of mana. However, certain decks have been known to lean on green as an aggression enabler (see Infect as an example). Green is also valued as a colour that has ways of dealing with both artifacts and enchantments. This means that it is a colour that is flexible in its removal and presents a large amount of quality creature choices.

In terms of spells green presents Creeping Corrosion as a very strong choice for destroying artifacts. This spell alone is well able to stop Affinity decks in their tracks. Nature’s Claim is an example of a spell that trades a low mana cost for the downside of giving the opponent life. Often this is seen as preferable against decks that try to combo and win on the spot. Green also has a large selection of very powerful removal spells when splashing other colours. Examples like Abrupt Decay and Maelstrom Pulse can destroy any permanent type for very little mana. Green also has access to spells that cement it as the go-to colour when running a creature heavy deck, notably Chord of Calling, Collected Company, Eldritch Evolution, and Oath of Nissa .

Green has the best access to creatures out of any colour. Tarmogoyf, Scavenging Ooze, Courser of Kruphix, Obstinate Baloth and Thrun, the Last Troll are some fantastic examples. As discussed in the first paragraph, many of these creatures get more effective as the game goes on, in particular Scavenging Ooze, and Tarmogoyf. Others such as Obstinate Baloth and Thrun, the Last Troll cost somewhat large amounts of mana. However they all fill vital roles. Tarmogoyf is noted for its ability to be a 6/7 for just 2 mana in the late game. Scavenging Ooze, Courser of Kruphix and Obstinate Baloth are fantastic examples of creatures that can halt aggressive decks in their tracks. Whilst Thrun, the Last Troll laughs at most control decks with the fact that he cannot be countered and has regeneration.

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