Emeria Control, Titan control, UW Titan, or Mono White Emeria – whatever you end up calling the deck, it is a White based Tap Out control deck that aims to head into the long game because it utilizes Sun Titan and Emeria, The Sky Ruin for an unbeatable end game plan. The deck plays a bunch of cards with strong Enter the Battlefield abilities that some people might consider “Terrible”. Things like Wall of Omens, Pilgrim’s Eye, Lone Missionary and Court Hussar gain some sort of card advantage while helping to gum up the ground and buy time until you can jam out a Sun Titan to get the value train rolling. Supreme Verdict or Wrath of God, Path to Exile, Detention Sphere , and Mortarpod (yes, really) help to knock the opponent off balance and buy more turns. Once all of the pieces have been assembled, you are able to reanimate these creatures to continue to pile the card advantage on and eventually just bury the opponent in it.The deck comes in two main flavors, White splash Blue and Mono White, and they suit two different playstyles. The blue version contains counterspells and is for those that want to take a more conservative approach to the deck, whereas the white version is on the full tap out plan, choosing to run Flickerwisp instead to recycle all of its triggers and be a bit more aggressive. Either way, this deck is for the player who wants an unconventional approach to controlling the format, for those who want a deck with few to no actual bad matchups, those who like extreme synergy, and for those who really like making decks out of discarded draft cards. However the deck is by no means solved so there is plenty of room to innovate.

Sideboarding Against This Deck

This deck is very difficult to board against because of its natural resiliency and resistance to conventional removal. The real key to beating this deck is repetitive graveyard hate and removal with no stipulations such as Terminate. Land hate helps take care of Emeria, but because titan and emeria can grab each other back from the yard the only real way to stop them is to get em dead and keep em dead, and not focus on removing any of the little dudes. Titan and Emeria are the only things you should focus on. General strategies that the deck is weak to are extreme aggression by way of burn spells, resilient combo decks such as Ad Nauseam, and Prison strategies.

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