Choosing a format and then a style of play are the first two steps in “Magic
The Gathering” that lead to a player choosing their color combinations in
their deck. Coming into talking about the colors of “Magic The Gathering”
is a powerful way to explore how important the colors are in representing
different types of magic used in the game.

The colors of magic are:

  • White

  • Blue

  • Black

  • Red

  • Green

These 5 colors make up the different types of enchantments and magic
that are played out in the game, through the use of different color


White, for example, is the color that most represents power and life within
the game. This card emphasizes on increasing one’s life, increasing one’s
power, it is a card of help as well as a card that allows one to tap other
creatures and yet remain untapped.


Blue is the logic and intelligence of the color spectrum. These blue cards are usually played best during an opponent’s turn where one can react against an attack. Another advantage of this color is that there are unblockable creatures to play against your opponent. The counterspells on this card react favorably against aggressive decks as well. Black Black is a card that a player will be drawn to if they seek a color that curses opponents, deals got lots of damage and is a fighting card. The ability of deathtouch is one of this group that allows for one to destroy their enemy or the ability of infect allows for damage to an opponent with a -1/-1 poison counter. Red Red is the color that is most representative of an aggressive, Agro style of play. This color tends towards cards that enhance one’s attacking of opponents. These types of spells from this color are quintessential to an Aggro style player’s deck. Green The last of the colors, green, is a strength based power that allows for an aggressive approach to building strength and growth. Also, as most things of green color would suggest, this color represents a building and strengthening of life. The enchantments found in this color are instrumental in toughness and power. Features of these enchantments are such things as not allowing an opponent to target you as easily—or that you still can damage the player if they damage you. From these five colors, one needs to develop a color scheme that best fits with their player’s format and style. All of these 3 elements need to be present in order to create the best offense and defense of a player as possible. Most decks people use have 2 colors. However, sometimes starting out it can be useful to use a mono-colored deck to really get to know the advantages of a given color. 

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