If one knows anything about the ways of magic, they know that it is a skill
which requires an abundance of study and practice from the beginning
mage. In the game, Magic: The Gathering, a beginning player will find a
set of rules that is easy to pick up yet much deeper than one could know at
first glance.

To become a master of Magic: The Gathering, a novice planeswalker must
first learn their way around a duel. Then, with their fundamental
understanding, they can ably explore the near-endless array of cards in the
game and create arcane decks that will outwit their opponents.

This guide will provide a concise overview of all the rules and guidelines
that a beginning Magic: The Gathering player needs to learn the game,
build their own collection, and take on tournaments. Whether the
beginner has already played a few games or has just been introduced to
Magic: The Gathering, the Rules and Getting Started for Beginners will get
them playing like a professional.

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