Planeswalkers from all ends of the multiverse come together to do battle,
each one moved to claim their own victory. Along the way, the
planeswalkers have traveled far and wide, gaining years of experience, and
they know that their triumph is due. Each talented combatant will fight;
some will win, and some will lose. Spike will not stop until he is at the top
of the ranks.

Spike wants one thing: victory. The top-ranking decks in the world are
what a Spike will take to a contest. To a Spike, color does not matter, and
his only favorite cards are the most valuable ones. Spike players put study
into their decks, scanning the World Wide Web for Top 8 Decklists and
the latest card spoilers so that they will have a competitive edge.

Presumably, a Spike will not encounter difficulty when competing because
they would have brought the most powerful deck. However, the game
developers work hard to make sure that the competitive sector is balanced,
so a Spike will have to be very conscious of the decks being played around
them. Unless they are on top of the metagame, they could be

How to Play like Spike

Control decks are among the Spike favorites because of their formidable
denial abilities. Counterspells, hand control, and mass removal can thwart
an inexperienced planeswalker, which pleases Spike. Finally, a reasonable
game-ender will take the field and annihilate the enemy without

Aggro decks are also popular with Spikes. It is hard to put up a fight when you are mercilessly beaten by efficient creatures. 
 A Spike will combine these with low-priced damage spells and some destroy effects to ensure that they encounter no difficulties. 
 Mana Dtaini is one of the best counterspells in the game, so a Spike might use this if they cannot afford a Force of Will?. 
 Instead of using monstrous and heavy creatures to finish their game, a Spike would favor Aetherling³, 
 which is mutable and evasive against attack; the opponent will have no choice but to take the damage. 
 Spike Aggro decks contain low-cost creatures that grow to be powerful, like Reckless Waif^ or Delver of Secrets5. 
 They also favor Lightning Bolt2 the best of the burn spells and Eidolon of the Great RevelA an efficient creature with a punishing 
 damage effect. Spikes must always be cautious of other powerful decks in their environment when building their decks so that they 
 can be properly guarded. Cards like Ash Zealot* are both efficient and useful as a counter to powerful graveyard decks. 
 A Spike should keep a sideboard loaded with cards like Gainsay⁹ to take control of their competitive environment. 

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