In general, playing Commander is the same as any other MTG format. A typical game of Commander involves four players, though more or less can be involved at player discretion, each with a deck of exactly 100 unique cards—the commander included.

Deck Rules
Commander decks are exactly 100 cards: 1 commander + 99 other cards (or two partner commanders + 98 other cards, or a commander with “Choose a Background” and a legendary background enchantment).
Only one copy of each card (by name) can be included, aside from basic lands.
All cards within the deck must match the commander’s color identity.
Play Rules
Commander requires at least two players and typically no more than four.
Players begin with 40 life.
All commanders start in the command zone.
The mana value of a player’s commander increases by two for each time it has been cast from the command zone. This cost is in addition to its original mana value.
If any single commander deals 21 combat damage to a player during the game, that player loses.
Last player standing wins.
When a commander is put into a graveyard or exiled, it can be returned to the command zone instead. The same is true if a commander is put into its controller’s hand or put into their library.

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