In Magic: The Gathering, each player must defeat their enemy using their powers: magical creatures, artifacts, and enchantments, drawing power or mana from their lands, some also with their own powers. The game was designed for two players, although new rules have been added to play with more participants, almost always in even numbers since if it is an odd number, for example three players, there may be the possibility that two team up to defeat the other. , which is an incorrect practice.
Each player starts with twenty health points and a deck (“library”) of at least sixty cards (in some special tournaments it is allowed to use decks of forty), of which approximately (for strategic considerations) a third are mana-producing lands. , the energy required to play the other cards. Non-land ones can be grouped collectively as spells. They require a certain amount of mana to play, usually a combination of single-color and colorless mana. They are divided into cards that generate a permanent effect (creatures, enchantments, artifacts, and even lands are existing permanents in play) and those that go to the graveyard (generally) after being used (instants and sorceries).
A player loses when they run out of life points, when they try to draw a card and their library is empty, if they get ten poison counters, or if a card’s condition says so. The last player left is the winner, although there are cards that indicate new ways to win once a player puts them into play, such as winning the game if that player gets certain life points or if he manages to get a certain number of creatures into play. , there are also abilities by which a player cannot lose a game due to certain circumstances, such as: he cannot lose if he runs out of life points or cannot accumulate poison counters

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