The ancient planeswalker watched as the enemy hordes gathered, shouting
at the gate of his impenetrable fortress. He acted with the detachment of a
chess player, defeating the efforts of the opposing forces and sedating
them with sleep spells.

It felt, to the soldiers and warbosses, that they would never enter the
puzzling fortification. Meanwhile, the man on the inside was near his
ultimate goal. The people of this world had no idea what was about to take

Control players let their opponents get away with nothing that they cannot
handle. At the height of their power, their opponents will wilt helplessly
with the knowledge that every one of their spells would be wasted to
counterspells and removal. This is just how the Control player likes it,
draining their opponent of energy until they can crush them swiftly.

Though some Control decks are vulnerable to the speed of Aggro decks,
they specialize against decks that use their early turns playing harmless
creatures and enchantment. Control is all about nullifying their
opponenfs spells, but they can struggle to get on top if they have to deal
with a squad of attacking creatures.

How to Win with Control

Counterspells are a Control player's best tool for defeating the forces of
their enemies. Even a massive creature with plenty of defenses can be
targeted by a counterspell, sending it directly to the graveyard or exile.
Mana Leak¹ is an inexpensive counterspell that can defeat opponents who
struggle to stack up their mana sources. Of course, CounterspelU is an
 optimal choice in blue decks.
 For those creatures that a Control player must allow, they can choose to
 include removal such as Doom Blade³ or Oblivion Ring矢 or to seek global
 destruction with Supreme Verdicts or Wrath of God^. Cyclonic Rift: is also
 useful for clearing the battlefield of aggravating permanents.
 When they can afford to cast the spells, planeswalker spells do a lot to
 protect a Control player. Jace. the Mind Sculptor* is a powerful tool that
 helps the player do a lot while drawing attackers away from them. Elspeth,
 Sun,s Champion9 does a great job of giving the player an instant team of
 soldiers to protect them and destroys big threats.
 When a control player is finally ready to destroy their opponents, they
 must have their wisely chosen card in hand. Aetherling— is a good option
 for this because it has the ability to protect itself against attacks. Iridescent
 Angela is a creature that an opponent may struggle to defeat once their
 hands have been shaved down.

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