Soul Sisters is the life gain deck in modern. Due to the ability to gain life explosively, it often prioritises a good board state over interaction with the opponent. The main strategies are either gaining 30 life to turn on Serra Ascendant, (giving a 6/6 Flying Lifelink), or using life gain triggers to buff up Ajani’s Pridemate. The main life gain engines are Soul Warden and Soul’s Attendant (the Soul Sisters); because the deck almost exclusively runs playsets of each card, it has remarkable consistency. This is further improved by Ranger of Eos with the ability to search for Martyr of Sands to gain a large amount of life instantly, a Serra Ascendant as a win condition, or either of the Soul Sisters when behind on board state. The deck also uses Squadron Hawk due to its ability that allows you to search for the other 3 when played, this allows you to ensure you have enough creatures to trigger the Sisters. A less popular card is Archangel of Thune due to its steep mana cost, however if it does resolve it can steal a game. If played when there are 2 or more Sisters on the field, it causes a large amount of counters to be distributed to all your creatures instantly. This can often break stalemates, or win games out of nowhere. The only removal in the deck is the standard 4 Path to Exile, as found in most white decks, and should be used sparingly. As a secondary strategy, Soul Sisters is able to win through massed small creatures (White Weenies). This involves swarming the board with creatures and then using Honor of the Pure to turn your creatures into more legitimate threats.

Sideboarding Against This Deck

How do you fight against such ridiculous life totals? The answer is simple. You either remove the source of life gain, or remove the threats (Serra Ascendant, Ajani’s Pridemate). Soul Sisters, like other creature decks, is very weak to removal, and board sweepers. This is even more true for this deck in particular because it revolves around a synergy that requires multiple cards to be present – if just one is removed the entire plan falls apart. Another way to disrupt the deck is to use exclusively Red/Black hate, in the form of Leyline of Punishment , Rain of Gore , Skullcrack, or Everlasting Torment. These can prevent life gain from taking place. While Soul Sisters matches up very well against almost all creature decks, and fair decks, the control matchup is quite grindy, and could go either way, and against Tron/Gifts, the deck has no way to interact before sideboarding as it runs virtually no removal.

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