Dredge is notable among decks for its concerted effort to throw as many of its own cards as possible into its own graveyard, which might seem exceedingly counterproductive, but actually results in a terrifyingly potent deck. The heart of the deck really lies in the quick way in which it can fill its own graveyard with cards like Stinkweed Imp or Faithless Looting and then creatures that are able to be reanimated from this position. Typically dredge will open with an Insolent Neonate or Faithless Looting on the first turn which enables it to start throwing cards away. The presence of Bloodghast in the graveyard means that each land the dredge player plays results in a creature being reanimated. The presence of Prized Amalgam in the graveyard means that each Bloodghast reanimation also brings along a friend. As quickly as the second turn the dredge player can start reanimating these creatures and populating the board. The key graveyard-fillers are Tormenting Voice, Faithless Looting and Insolent Neonate, along with Golgari Grave-Troll and Stinkweed Imp . The key reanimating creatures are Narcomoeba, Bloodghast and prizedamalgam. Finally, dredge also often plays Conflagrate as a card that can be flashed back from the graveyard whilst also filling it with threats, and Life from the Loam as another filler that can also recur lost lands.

Sideboarding Against This Deck

The first thing to notice is obviously that removal spells like Terminate are not going to achieve a lot against a deck that can reanimate its creatures a seemingly infinite number of times. Exile spells like Path to Exile can, however, be potent. The best way to attack dredge is simply to take away their graveyard. Rest in Peace, Relic of Progenitus, Grafdigger’s Cage, Scavenging Ooze, and Anafenza, the Foremost are particularly noted for this. Another good way to deal with dredge is to make sure that any dead creatures stay dead forever, whilst also building up a board presence: Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet fills this role.

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