Grixis midrange is very similar to Grixis Control but focuses more on sorcery speed elements instead of instant speed cards. The deck utilises Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek and Liliana of the Veil, along with jace, vryns prodige to keep the same controlling feel as Grixis Control but tends to play more proactively rather than reactively. This means that instead of a draw-go style it is more likely to tap out in its own turn. The advantage of this approach comes from the repeatable removal presented by Liliana of the Veil and the repeatable Flashback given by Jace, Telepath Unbound . Both cards are extremely powerful but require you tap out in your own turn. The deck therefore doesnt run as many counterspells such as Cryptic Command. Due to its reliance on both controlling and aggressive components this deck is sometimes referred to as Blue Jund – named after the classic BGR deck. Similarly to the control deck a Turn 2 Tasigur, the Golden Fang or Gurmag Angler is possible through a T1 fetchland into Thought Scour (3 cards in the graveyard for Delve), and then a T2 fetchland (4 cards in the graveyard for Delve, and 2 mana).
Sideboarding Against This Deck

This deck is more vulnerable to removal than Grixis Control due to their reduced reliance on counterspells. Therefore their wincons are more likely to be hit by Dismember, Path to Exile, Maelstrom Pulse and others. As with the control version of the deck, Grixis Midrange doesnt usually run more than 10 cards that can actually win the game. One key weakness of Grixis Midrange is that unlike Grixis Control it lacks a large number of counterspells, and unlike BG/x decks it lacks Abrupt Decay. Therefore against decks like Jeskai Control you can sometimes find your own removal being countered – leading to a loss. Furthermore the lack of both Green and White means that against decks like Affinity, Burn, or Zoo you lack lifegain.

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