Naya Zoo is an aggro deck that relies on low cost creatures to finish the game off as soon as possible, similar to GR Zoo. However, unlike GR Zoo, it often includes creatures that cost a little more mana. Whilst turn one threats like Wild Nacatl or Goblin Guide are shared by both versions of the deck, Naya Zoo may opt for mana dorks such as Noble Hierarch or Birds of Paradise. The two and three mana slots show further deviation from the RG versions gameplan. Tarmogoyf, Qasali Pridemage, and Scavenging Ooze are often included instead of Flinthoof Boar . Further, cards that cost more than 2 mana are seen relatively often with Loxodon Smiter and Knight of the Reliquary being popular choices. Some versions may even have a couple of Thrun, the Last Troll for added durability. Whilst the aim is to finish the game quickly, if the game does go long the deck is able to rely on Tarmogoyf and Path to Exile to survive. Unlike GR Zoo the 3 mana creatures are more competent at dealing with opposing blockers or removal like Lightning Bolt given their high power and toughness, which further solidifies their mid to late game potential.

Only a few non-creature spells are used in Naya Zoo Lightning Bolt, Lightning Helix and Path to Exile are the most popular choices. The burn spells are well loved for their ability to remove opposing blockers or go straight for the opponent. Collected Company is seen in this deck, but the mana cost is fairly high.

Sideboarding Against This Deck

As a creature based deck Naya Zoo is vulnerable to board wipes and removal. It also loses steam in the late game due to a lack of card draw, but watch out for Collected Company. Wipes such as Drown in Sorrow and Anger of the Gods may be effective against the earlier threats, but it is worth noting that as their creatures get bigger these spells can lose efficacy. Damnation and Wrath of God avoid this downside. Land destruction through Tectonic Edge or Fulminator Mage is another way of disrupting the strategy; without the right lands the creatures become extremely weak and tricky to cast. Finally, single target removal can slowly whittle the threats down until the Zoo player runs out of steam.

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