This is the first of what is (spoilers) many one MV tutors on this list. Worldly Tutor is probably the least important in cEDH decks, as it’s usually only most applicable to those that are looking to win the game through creatures (which aren’t as common as other win-cons). Worldly Tutor has run players $25+ for some time with the latest printing, Commander Collection: Green also sporting $60 foils. Bling-hungry cEDH players can look to an old-border treatment Volkan Baga or Richard Kane Ferguson borderless to sate their needs.

High Quality Magic the Gathering Proxy MTG Proxy MTG Card.
Made by German Black core paper, printed by Heidelberg Printer,
which makes it the same thickness and feel as a real Magic card.
These are great proxies for casual play or FNM tournament play.
Once double sleeved will be hard to tell the difference from a real Magic card!

Email seller for any questions.
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