What Is the Pioneer Format in Magic The Gathering – Staple MTG Pioneer Cards – Thoughtseize

Thoughtseize saw extensive play both times it was legal in Standard and is a well-known Modern staple. Extending to Pioneer, Thoughtseize is the premier discard spell and one of the best things you can do in the early game. At one point, there were calls for the sorcery to see a ban due to its cheap cost and powerful effect. Despite these complaints, Thoughtseize plays an important role within the Pioneer landscape. Often you’ll play Thoughtseize to combat spell-heavy strategies such as Lotus Combo as a way to disrupt combos that would otherwise cause you to lose the game.
Rakdos Midrange is the ideal shell for Thoughtseize, as you can couple the discard with pressure, which is always a recipe for success. You can also expect to see Thoughtseize in Esper Control, Mono-Black Aggro, and Rakdos Sacrifice as a way to deal with threats or problematic cards.

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