Dominaria Remastered is nearly here and brings plenty of reprints and new versions of some of the most iconic Magic: The Gathering cards in history, many of which are played extensively in competitive Commander decks. As somebody who plays plenty of competitive EDH (cEDH), I’ve compiled some of the most important reprints from the set (already jokingly called cEDH Masters by many) for you below with a focus on the elements that I care about most: affordability of staples and awesome art so our already-way-too-shiny decks can be even cooler. Luckily, this set has plenty to offer for both. Let’s jump into it.

Honorable Mentions
First, the honorable mentions. These are some perfectly respectable cards that it’s nice to see new treatments for or that could use a reprint, but already are affordable or have fallen out of the most popular decks as of late.
Sevinne’s Reclamation
Sevinne’s Reclamation has been one of the most format-defining cards in the current cEDH landscape since its first printing in Commander 2019, enabling effortless Underworld Breach and Lion’s Eye Diamond wins in addition to being a great value cast throughout the game. It’s already plenty affordable thanks to the recent reprint in Commander Legends: Baldur’s Gate but bling-loving players are sure to love the new old-frame treatment.

High Quality Magic the Gathering Proxy MTG Proxy MTG Card.
Made by German Black core paper, printed by Heidelberg Printer,
which makes it the same thickness and feel as a real Magic card.
These are great proxies for casual play or FNM tournament play.
Once double sleeved will be hard to tell the difference from a real Magic card!

Email seller for any questions.
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