What was once a pleasant village has erupted with cries and fire. Before
the peaceful denizens knew it, the goblins had raided again, eating what
they could and growing more powerful as their fury and appetites grew. By
the time the sun set over the landscape, the town belonged to the goblins.

Aggro decks are fast, furious, and relentless. The goal of an aggro deck is
to throw so many firebolts and hasty creatures at the enemy that they are
defeated before they can take a breath. Some decks like these have been
known as "Red Deck Wins” because of their quick and decisive nature.

It is unlikely for a mid-range creature deck to withstand the assault of an
Aggro deck. A proper Aggro deck will hurl so much at the opposing player
that their defenders will not be enough to protect them. Aggro is stifled by
control, however, and as a game stretches on and on, Aggro^s small
creatures will become useless.

How to Win with Aggro

From the very first turn, Aggro wants to attack. Creatures like Goblin
Guide¹ can deal damage as soon as possible, giving the attacker an
advantage. On the next turn, Frogtosser Bamieret? can work to make your
next spells cost less while attacking on the same turn it comes in.

After the creatures have hit the field, it is time to make them stronger,
multiplying your damage by the amount of creatures that there are to
strengthen. Hall of Triumphs is a good option for creatures of a single
color, and Goblin King⁴ helps to power up swtft Goblin creatures.

After a while, your creatures will start to be blocked and killed, putting a stop to your onslaught. If you have done well, 
 your opponent will be on their last legs, and you can finish them off with direct damage. 
 Banefire⁵ will put the damage to your opponent in a spell that they cannot counter. 
 Molten Disaster^ will also deal damage that can not be countered or prevented. 
 If you encounter difficulty in your first match, it would be a good idea to bring in removal cards from your sideboard. 
 Cards like Smash to Smithereens⁷ will wreck annoying artifacts while dealing damage. 
 Searing Blood* can smite creatures while also harming their controllers. 

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