Compared to other non-rotating formats, the price of entry into Pioneer is affordable. There are plenty of cheap Pioneer decks you can build that will offer a competitive edge in local and online events.
In Modern, you often see Spirits fall into Azorius or Bant but in Pioneer, Mono-Blue Spirits is one of the strongest strategies at a low price point. Akin to Mono-Blue Tempo in Dominaria Standard, Mono-Blue Spirits couples disruption with aggression.
Mono-Blue Spirits encourages a low mana curve as it gives you the ability to play reactive creatures and non-creature spells in the same turn. Fortunately, most of the Spirits within the list offer value upon entering the battlefield, such as Rattlechains who grants hexproof to one of your Spirits. Then you have Curious Obsession, which grants additional card draw through being aggressive allowing you to keep the pressure on without running out of options. Backing up this aggression is countermagic with Spell Pierce and the tailored Geistlight Snare, giving you answers to any problematic threats you may face.

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