Now that you have been successfully overwhelmed with how and why to
pick a deck, we will now discuss a little about a decks Playtest and
Sideboard cards. The most important part of this step is to have a person
or persons to play against and test your deck’s power against your

This is a great way to figure out what works for your deck, through how
well you do against others and matching up against their decks.


The sideboard is a very important feature of the game, as it essentially
gives you 15 cards to switch out your main deck’s cards with. Essentially,
this is a card pile you can draw cards from and switch out with those in
your main deck.

The catch is that you must draw the same number of cards from both
decks when you switch them out. The sideboard feature is for games that
are Constructed and have a set amount of cards, as we already have a
similar feature built into the Limited format.

With the information gained with each deck you bring to the gauntlet and
play with opponents, the more you are able to evolve your playing strategy.
The more effort and intellect one puts into developing a deck and sizing up
to opponents, the greater and more valuable a deck can become in the
world of “Magic The Gathering”.

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