Choosing A Format

When it comes to the basic rules that help you decide your format, there
are a few mainstays that should always be taken into account. A couple of
basic rules for formats is that you know your minimum deck size and only
having 4 copies of each card that is not a basic land card.

Another basic rule of formatting is that if a card is on the restricted list, a
player should only have one copy of that card. If the card is on the banned
list, you cannot use that card in a given game.

When it comes to picking a format, there are many different options to
choose from. These include formats such as Commander, Legacy and
Vintage; however, in beginning to learn the rules of the game and
formatting, this book will emphasize:

  • Standard

  • Modern

  • Limited

Standard Deck

The Standard deck is considered to be the basic deck and is called a
Constructed format—essentially meaning that each deck is Constructed, or
made up, before the game starts.

It consists of a minimum deck size of 60 cards and only consists of cards

from the previous and current blocks as well as the current core set(s) that will be played in the game. Modern deck formation is basically the same as Standard, except for the fact you can use all sets from the 8th edition and after. Limited When it comes to Limited format, the deck is not Constructed before the game begins, players are Drafting. Essentially the drafting format is, as the title would insinuate, drawing or drafting different cards into your deck throughout the game. In this format, players choose 3 15-card booster packs¹ that are passed from player to player throughout the game. Deck Size The minimum deck size in this format is 40, as opposed to 60 in the other two, and players are not restricted to their sideboard or even the 4 copies of limited cards rule. 

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