Protection: If a creature with protection from white, such as Blood Baron of Vizkopa is targeted with a spell like like Path to Exile, then the target is illegal, and the game will rewind to before Path to Exile is played. A spell like Wrath of God does not target or deal damage, so Blood Baron of Vizkopa would still be destroyed, however. Kor Firewalker would still be alive after a Pyroclasm or an Anger of the Gods, because its protection from red prevents it from taking damage. One thing to note is that if a creature with protection from a color blocks a creature with trample, then the creature with trample can still deal damage to a player once enough damage has been assigned to the creature with protection. To give an example, if I block Primeval Titan with Mirran Crusader, then Primeval Titan must assign two of its damage to Mirran Crusader, but can then assign the rest of its damage to me. If the Primeval Titan has lifelink for any reason, then the owner of the Primeval Titan will only gain 4 life however, as it could not deal the two damage it assigned to Mirran Crusader.

High Quality Magic the Gathering Proxy MTG Proxy MTG Card.
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