The decks here are presented in alphabetical order. Deck names are followed by the archetype and tier.
Note on language: In this primer, combo decks are those that aim to win the game in one shot with some kind of loop or other card interaction.
Synergistic decks aim to assemble groups of cards, like a combo, but instead of using them to win immediately, they are merely used to put the deck far ahead of the opponent.

The given tier is a rough guide to how powerful and widely played the deck is. Be aware that tiers change often.
High tier represents decks that make up around 3% to 5+% of the meta and are overtly powerful in a variety of situations. If you are a newer player pay particular attention to these decks. Expect to play these decks most often!
Mid tier decks may make up in the region of 1.5% to 3% of the metagame and will be powerful in certain situations but also contain shortcomings that stop the deck being amongst the most widely played. These decks are still very good but also have a clear weakness.
Low tier decks are those that you should expect to see very rarely, representing only around 1% of the metagame. These decks might contain very strong strategies but they may be fragile in some fundamental way, e.g. by pursuing a line of victory that is particularly easy to disrupt such as lifegain or mill.

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