running through it, then there must be a font of mana underneath—an old source, probably
unused for centuries.”
  “There is indeed a deep source here/⁵ said one of the other Izzet mages, her eyes closed・
  “But the coils will overheatZ,said Skreeg•“They'll be plugged directly into the mana well.
That much power—
  “Direct all of the mana into me,” said RaL “I'll be able to tell instantly if this is the line
w&re meant to follow.M
  An insectile chittering sound echoed from one of the ancient corridors that led into the
chamber. The Izzet mages froze.
  “Who's there?” Rai called into the corridor・
  He strained to see, but the light from their instruments couldn't penetrate the dark・ There
was a sound of scraping, like eggshell against porcelain—and more chittering, this time
accompanied by footsteps. Many footsteps.
  “End your unnatural experiments,” hissed a voice from the gloom. "Forsake this place. The
Guildmaster Jarad claims this territory for the Golgari Swarm.”
  A small crowd of pale, dreadlocked elves and humans stepped into the light・ Bits of bone
and detritus woven into their matted hair clicked lightly・ Their chitinous armor swarmed
with tiny, riotous insects that moved in and out of the sheen of moss growing on their
shoulders—a bed for sprouting fungi. Whether it was the Golgari themselves who had made
the chittering sound or their bugs, Rai could not be sure. A few of them bore short blades, but
most of them were unarmed: spellcasters・
  The speaker, an elf woman, held forth a gnarled staff. She pointed the tip, which was
decorated with a large rat skull, directly at Rai Zarek. “You. Vacate now.”
  Rai swept his palm around him・ “This is nothing but ruined, abandoned tunnel. No one
owns this.”
  “All that civilization discards, we own,” sneered the Golgari elf.
  “Well,you,re going to have to scurry away to whatever crevices you crawled out of. The
dragon Niv-Mizzet claims this area now—and any other scrap of unused turf he sees fit for
the Izzet League?⁵
  The Golgari^ complaints were subverbal, guttural ・ Rai thought he heard something that
was almost a snarl・
  “This kind of trespass would have been illegal under the Guildpact,w said the elf.
  “Well,there's no Guildpact now, is there? Run along. The dragon doesn't like to wait for his
  The elf shaman sneered again, but her face lowered, and she backed away. And with her,
the rest of the Golgari retreated into the shadows ・ There was a final rattling sound as the
shaman shook her rat-skull staff, then all was still.
  Skreeg heaved a sigh into the silence・ “Glad that's over.”
  Just as he said this, dark shapes jerked to life all around the Izzet expedition: skeletal
remains shuddered to a standing position; heaps of refuse became fungal rot-horrors;

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