Premium Deck Building

The goal of this book was to teach the reader a comprehensive approach to
choosing a premium “Magic The Gathering^ deck. This book has hopefully
served as a beginner's guide that will help you through the game as you
develop your preferred format, attack style, deck colors through trial and

There are many ways to build decks that suit your unique style in the
game, something you can only learn by playing the cards themselves.

Choosing Decks

The aim and purpose of this book was to assist anyone in being able to
pick up a deck and know how to interpret and build the deck you desire.
Hopefully, you have a clearer understanding of what types, styles and
colors are in a deck and how to use those against opponents in the game.

Finding Cards

Additionally, the material about where to get cards themselves, build your
deck and card strength through finding resources to assist with this
process. Hopefully, this book has inspired you to find your own group or
one on one opponent to try out and hone your "Magic The Gathering”

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