Well, this deck plays lots of goblins at an exceedingly fast pace. Goblin Guide, Legion Loyalist, and Foundry Street Denizen fill the 1 mana slot whilst Goblin Bushwhacker, Goblin Piledriver and Mogg War Marshal fill the two mana slots, and finally the deck closes with Goblin Chieftain and Reckless Bushwhacker. The key to the deck is the ability to unload a vast number of cheap 1 or 2 power creatures and then buff their power with lords like Goblin Chieftain or the whackers like Goblin Bushwhacker to turn what appeared to be an unimpressive board presence into lethal damage. The key to the deck is the synergy between the strategy of going wide with lots of different creatures and the huge swings that this produces when a single creature comes into play that gives everything +1 power.

The creature suite is often complemented by Lightning Bolt and Goblin Grenade which are used to just push the last bits of damage through despite the opponent having blockers. Goblin Grenade is known in particular to be a fantastic card at turning games that looked like a lost cause into a definitive win for the goblins player.

Rarely goblins may splash a second colour. Black gives Spike Jester , Dismember, and Terminate which gives you a better chance to get damage in around blockers, whilst a green splash can give Atarka’s Command as another source of direct damage with a solid creature buff. Other options in mono red that are sometimes seen include Goblin Cohort (another 1 mana 2/2 like Goblin Guide but no haste and a big downside), or Goblin Wardriver (battle cry is great at buffing your board but does nothing the turn it is played).

Sideboarding Against This Deck

Goblins is an aggressive creature deck made up of 1/1s and 2/2s for the most part. This means that it has two inherent weaknesses. The first is the presence of solid blockers, such as Tarmogoyf which greatly threatens the deck and its ability to produce damage. Goblin Grenade can get around blockers to some extent but theyre still no doubt a problem. The second issue is simply board clear like Drown in Sorrow, Pyroclasm and other examples. With no creatures the deck achieves virtually nothing.

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