GR Tron is the more popular of the two Tron decks. It wins by getting out either Karn Liberated or Wurmcoil Engine on T3 before other decks have a chance to answer. The main ramp engine are the series of “Urza’s” lands including Urza’s Tower, Urza’s Power Plant and Urza’s Mine. These give access to 7 mana on T3, and therefore permit the casting of Karn Liberated or Wurmcoil Engine on the same turn. Obviously this is far too soon for some decks to have an answer ready, and most opponents will concede at this point. Tron builds up consistency with Sylvan Scrying and Expedition Map , allowing them to find the Urza lands that they are missing. They also use cantrip-like artifacts such as Chromatic Star/ Chromatic Sphere to add mana and draw into either a wincon or ramp. When played correctly GR Tron can be a devastating deck to face, mainly because it plays threatening cards early in the game that are also difficult to remove (Wurmcoil Engine replaces itself with tokens, and planeswalkers arent hit by killspells). In the late game Tron is able to cast Emrakul, the Aeons Torn with relative ease given that once the lands are assembled each adds 2 or 3 mana.

Sideboarding Against This Deck

The way to beat GR Tron is to outrace them, run counterspells, or run land destruction. If they cannot resolve a big beater then the deck folds. This is fairly self-explanatory and can be achieved by either winning before the threat can come out (Zoo and Burn is capable of this) or just countering the threat (Delver and control decks are capable of this). The GR Tron builds have a weaker G2 after sideboarding as there are various land destruction pieces (looking at Fulminator Mage, along with Tectonic Edge) which completely destroy Tron as they can dismantle the land combo.

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