It’s also important to pay attention to the mana curve of your deck. The mana curve is just a fancy way of referring to the range of mana values for the cards in a deck.

Commander is a relatively long-form version of Magic. Therefore, there is generally plenty of time to set up bigger spells and combos. But a player needs to be able to cast spells at every point in the game. Ensuring a deck has a balanced amount of mana values is important to the overall execution of any deck.

There’s no consistent formula for mana curves within a Commander deck. That being said, here is a rough outline you can use:

Zero and one-mana value cards: 5-10
Two-mana value: 14-20
Three-mana value: 12-20
Four-mana value: 8-14
Five-mana value: 5-10
Six-mana value: 4-8
Seven-mana value or more: 1-5
This formula does not include lands, since they have no mana value.

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