Boros Burn has a reputation for being an “easy” deck in the modern format to pick up and play, which is true to an extent. It is one of the easier to pick up budget options as well, but to truly become an expert of the deck takes a lot more skill than you would give this deck credit for. A lot of the sequencing involved with making the most optimal plays can take a while to learn, but once you master the deck, it becomes a real joy to play and will almost always be a viable option for any kind of organized play

The main plan of attack (and by main I mean only) is to just deal as much damage as humanly possible, and as fast as you can. Your goal is to out-race control decks and midrange decks and go under them before they get a chance to stabalize, and cross your fingers when against combo that they don’t have what they need and you kil them faster.

Games 2-3 change slightly in that overall, you may need to slow down just a little in order to play impactful permanents. These permamentns, while they may take us off a turn from burning face, are a great hinderance to our opponents, and generaly slow them down more than they would slow us down from playing them.