Aether Vial: Any creature that is being put into play through Aether Vial cannot be countered, because the creature is not being cast. In order to prevent Aether Vial from putting a creature into play you would need something that stops an activated ability such as Pithing Needle or Phyrexian Revoker. Creatures such as Merrow Reejerey will not have their abilities triggered because the creature is not cast as well.

Arcbound Ravager: This is one of the most powerful cards in affinity, and its ability is something to be very cautious of. Arcbound Ravager can sacrifice any artifact at instant speed to boost itself. This means that if you try to kill a Vault Skirge with a kill spell, Arcbound Ravager can simply sacrifice Vault Skirge to further increase its own power. One of the best ways to use Arcbound Ravager is to attack with several creatures, and if other creatures are blocked when Arcbound Ravager is not, then sacrifice the blocked creatures to give enough power to Arcbound Ravager to potentially push lethal damage through. Another option is to sacrifice Arcbound Ravager to itself, and give all of its +1/1 counters to something like Inkmoth Nexus through its modular ability. Something to keep in mind is that this particular line of play has anti-synergy with Cranial Plating though.

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