1. What is an MtG Proxy Card?

A proxy card takes the place of an original magic card in your deck. Using proxies in place of original cards makes it so that you can keep your originals in perfect condition.

A proxy card is a ‘stand in’ for a card. In other word it’s a replica or replaces a card in your deck. There can be many reasons to use proxies. For example you might want to use a proxy to play with so you don’t damage a super high value card. If you have a $300 card or even a $30, you don’t want to risk bending it right? 

Another common reason that folks buy proxies is because they are on a budget. If you want to make a competitive deck, you need dual lands, fetch lands, and other extremely OP staples. These cards cost tens to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Unfortunatley, many people are priced out of competitive play without proxy cards.

A third reason is play testing. Again, MtG cards are expensive. It’s nice to be able to experiment with a bunch of different high value cards and see what works before dropping loads of cash on original cards. 

2. What is so great about your MtG proxy cards?

We are known as “PK”/”ProxyKing” for having the highest quality Magic: the Gathering proxy cards in the market. Our proxy cards are suitable for casual games, or FNM. Use them in sanctioned tournaments at your own risk. 

Our cards use state of the art printing and production. Our cards are realistic, and have the same dimensions as a typical Magic Card. 

Note that we do have some variation in color between print runs. To the vast majority of people this won’t be noticeable. However, we do recommend sleeving your proxy cards when they are in play.

3. What is Special about Proxy King mtg cards?

The takeaway is that we are the original proxy maker. And, we strive to make the highest quality and most realistic proxies on the market.

We work with the best commercial printers in the world. No joke, our printing partner’s printing press is an 8-figure machine that is one of only six in the world. We also have an incredible design team working to ensure we get the details of our custom proxy cards precisely correct. From the print quality to the weight and dimensions of the card, we strive to be the best proxy maker out there.

Does that mean you should try to pass them off as original? Of course not. But we engineer our proxies so that when you are playing FNM or kitchen table magic, people won’t notice.

We also have excellent prices. We print our proxies at scale, allowing us to price our cards at an affordable price.

Finally, our customer service is the best. Our team responds to messages daily, and we try to give you a great buying experience.

4. Are Proxy cards fair to play with?

Wizards of the Coast doesn’t allow for proxy cards in official tournaments. That said, most playgroups are perfectly fine with using proxies. If you play with a closeknit, regular group we recommend talking to your MtG group to get their take.

If you are lone wolf player who joins commander night and plays in FNM we definitely recommend proxies. They can make your deck far more competitive on a budget, and it’s extremely unlikely that anyone will know or care that you are using proxy cards. 

5. Why Should People Use Magic Proxies?


Proxies allow you to try different strategies and combos in your decks without breaking the bank. So many of us play the game of Magic because of the depth of strategy. It’s fantastic to try out unique strategies without spending hundreds of dollars.
Anyone Can Make a Powerful Deck

With proxies, it’s no longer pay to win. As mentioned above, sky-high prices are one of the hardest things for new players. Proxies give all players a way to get great, powerful cards.

Keep Your Original MtG Cards in Mint Condition

If you have high-value Magic the Gathering cards, you don’t want to risk damaging them. Scuffs, creases, and knicks drop the value of cards dramatically. The difference between a gem mint 10.0 card and a 9.0 graded card is dramatic.

Custom MtG proxy cards let you boost your deck power without risking your OG cards.

Buying Proxy Cards Saves Money

Wizards of the Coast has a problem. They are stuck between a rock and a hard spot. The high cost of cards makes the barrier to entry for new players high. But, on the other hand, if Wizards of the Coast reprints all the super valuable cards, they risk alienating collectors who have been customers for years or decades.

Magic proxies solve this problem by giving affordable access to anyone while not taking away from the rarity and value of genuine Magic cards.

6. What is your turn around and fulfillment time?

We are fast.  We typically fulfill orders within 2 business days.  Sometimes during peak periods the time to fulfill may extend to 3+ business days but this is rare.  

Note that once we fulfill your order, typical delivery times are 5-15 business days. However, we all know that USPS or other mail shipper is pretty hit and miss, so it can take longer sometimes.