Spellskite: This is one of the more complicated cards in modern. Spellskite and Electrolyze is one example of a complicated interaction revolving around this card. If your opponent casts Electrolyze and targets two separate targets, you will only be able to redirect one of the targets to Spellskite, and not both of them. For this reason, if you have a Pestermite and a Spellskite out, and the opponent casts Electrolyze targeting both your Spellskite and your Pestermite, you will be unable to redirect the one damage to Pestermite to your Spellskite. If your opponent attempts to send two damage to your Pestermite, then Spellskite can redirect the damage, however. Unlike Electrolyze, Spellskite can redirect the damage from Kolaghan’s Command, even if Kolaghan’s Command is also chosen to destroy target artifact. The reason for this is that Electrolyze uses the word target only once, so the two targets have to be different, unlike Kolaghan’s Command which uses target twice, meaning that it can target the same thing twice. Spellskites ability will also not work on illegal targets. A common example of this would be attempting to equip a card like Cranial Plating. Because Cranial Plating specifies target creature you control, Spellskites ability is not legal upon resolving, and will simply go to the original creature. This is also true for the attach function of Cranial Plating. Auras, for the most part, are different however, and you can redirect their target to Spellskite. One exception is Daybreak Coronet, however. Spellskite will only be a legal target if it is already enchanted with another aura. You also cannot change the target of a spell like Go for the Throat to Spellskite, as it is an illegal target. A key thing to note with all of this is that even if upon resolving Spellskite is not a legal target, you still pay the activation cost of Spellskites ability.

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