These types of cards are a lot of fun to pull off. However, they can also be frustrating for playgroups. It’s wise to discuss the kind of game player’s want to engage in before dominating a game with this kind of deck. This discussion before a game is often called “Rule 0.”

“Win the game” cards allow a player to automatically win the game when the card’s condition is fulfilled. Chance Encounter is one such example: if the player is able to acquire 10 luck counters, they win the game.

Biovisionary is another card like this, except the player needs to have four copies (token copies count) of Biovisionary to win. When crafting a deck around this type of card, player’s should focus their deck plan (or strategy) on completing the necessary requirements for the win-con.

For example, a deck built for Biovisionary would need to have the ability to create a lot of token copies and fetch target creatures from the deck. It would also need to prevent opponents from targeting this card or be able to bring it back from the graveyard—as well as consider alternative win’s such as combat damage from stompy green creatures. Since Biovisionary cannot be the commander, the chosen commander should aid in this deck’s overall strategy.

Just by thinking through the strategy one would need to win with a deck, the player can quickly begin to fill-in the necessary elements. While building around a commander is fun, so too is finding a commander to perfectly fit a broader strategy. Other examples of “win the game” cards include: Mechanized Production, Test of Endurance and Aetherflux Reservoir.

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