Hexproof Auras (sometimes referred to as simply Bogles” (after the card Slippery Bogle)) is an extremely aggressive Green and White deck. The premise is in the name. Nearly every creature you play will be one mana and have the keyword Hexproof or at least text that indicates that your opponent cannot target the creature. This is combined with the fastest and most efficient aura enchantments in the modern format. These range from granting first Strike, Lifelink, Card Draw, to even protection in the form of the ability Totem Armor which saves your creature at the cost of destroying the enchantment instead. The strategy of the deck is to land a threat within turn one and attach the best enchantments you can to it while providing as much protection to it as you can. This will be fairly easy as your opponent will never be able to target this threat with removal. This doesnt mean they have no outs by any means as sacrifice effects and field wipes still kill your team as they dont require targeting your Bogle. For this reason it is encouraged that you pay very close attention to your board-state along with your opponents when playing this deck to prevent yourself from losing your threats too quickly before closing the deal.

Sideboarding Against This Deck

Problem cards for this deck include Liliana of the Veil, Anger of the Gods, Back to Nature, and Aura Barbs . Most of these are sideboard cards, and some are not often seen in decks – but theyre worth a mention. More often than not, your opponent will resort to field wiping you to trigger Totem Armor; lowering the power of your boggle in order to overpower you. This deck also has very little interaction so winning against combo decks, notably fast combo decks such as Jeskai Ascendancy becomes very difficult.

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