Whirring artifacts and strange rituals were held behind the mystical walls
that guarded the high fortress. Its defenses seemed impenetrable, but
when one had finally managed to get through, they had only found

Before they knew it, the place had become charged with excitement and
mana, and as the magical energy converged, they realized what Johnny
had been planning all along, but it was already too late.

When Johnny plays Magic, his decks are sure to surprise his opponents
with clever combos and innovative card interactions. Johnny sees the
potential in cards that other players may overlook, and he challenges
himself to demonstrate its power by winning the game. He also comes
armed with a backup plan, and Johnny may also blindside his opponent
who patiently anticipates Johnny⁵s vulnerable combo.

Johnny^s opponent may see through his schemes and prevent his card
interactions by countering or destroying his spells. If that does not
happen, Johnny is still at risk of an unlucky shuffle and a difficult hand of

By learning from his mistakes and trying again, Johnny can finally achieve
those outrageous and memorable victories that will leave his opponents in
awe. If you like to test the boundaries and think outside of the box, you
should learn how to create secure and decisive combos.

How to Play like Johnny

Of course, Johnny will favor the Combo style of play, in which he spends  most of the game digging up the components that make up his menacing plan. By drawing cards, searching his library, and recycling cards in his graveyard, Johnny can enact his plan and suddenly shift the game in his favor. Control also works well for Johnny, who would focus on controlling the match and thwarting his opponents until his combo pieces come together. This strategy is useful for protecting the elements of your creative combos, though it raises difficulties because of Johnny⁵s inefficient, yet brilliant, card choices. Some wild cards that may attract Johnny players are Near-Death Experience¹ and Battle of Wits?. Those cards feature attractive “you win the game” clauses. A Johnny may also wish to disarm their opponents by generating infinite amounts of mana and using Memnarch³ to steal every one of their opponents permanents. Sometimes, a simple Voltaic Key^ is enough to please a Johnny. Johnny benefits from protective cards such as Turn Aside⁵ to keep their combo parts safe. Plasm Capture血 is an attractive counterspell that feeds Johnny precious mana. “Tutor” cards such as Diabolic Revelation: and Increasing Ambition* will make 辻 easier for Johnny to find the cards from within his deck. Because he spends so much card power trying to dig up his combo, Johnny is often left vulnerable. Do not forget to include some efficient blockers who can handle repeated attacks. Balancing combo cards and counterattack cards is important; if your combo is thwarted, you should have enough firepower to defeat your opponent. 

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