There are two ways to win through deck-milling—which is forcing a loss or win through emptying a player’s (or players’) library. In Commander, Mill decks must be able to target multiple player’s libraries because players usually face more than one opponent at a time. This type of deck limits board interaction and doesn’t follow the philosophy of Commander. Nonetheless, it is a beloved playstyle, especially in competitive EDH (more on this later).

For this reason, cEDH Mill decks will often be self-milling. This strategy involves emptying your own library and using a card, such as Thassa’s Oracle, to win the game. It’s important to note that this type of deck is not common in playgroups or among casual players. Mill decks are intended to deny resources or opponent progression and quickly end the game once properly set up. This is also not a great deck for beginners to build.

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