Armed with the knowledge of Magic: The Gathering rules and conventions, the novice
planeswalker may now begin to explore the infinite possibilities of their own power・ As they
proceed on their journey, the new player will try and experience the magic of all colors and
find their rightful place in the spectrum・

Go and find the style of play that matches your own personality・ Explore those colors and
cards through Gatherer and assemble powerful decks with formidable combos. Only through
studying, experimenting, and practicing may you produce your perfect deck, and though the
path may stretch far and wide, it will be one that is a joy to walk.

Some day, you will feel the call of competition, and your knowledge and skills will be tested
by the greatest planeswalkers of your region. Get to know them, understand the decks they
wield and produce your own magical decks to rival the champions. It is no easy feat, but you
may claim first prize one day.

Good luck, planeswalker.

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